In this space I list all my content published as Digital Collectibles.

The Strength Detail
This collection seeks to rescue the basis of the photographic material used in my photographic exhibition entitled “The strength of a detail”, which took place at the State Library of Rio de Janeiro from October 2nd to 31st, 1996.
The location was in the “Engenheiro Pedreira” neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, in a kind of favela located in the middle of a garbage dump.
I was part of a group of people who participated in the task of rebuilding the house of a very poor family that lived in this totally unhealthy context and without the slightest condition of a dignified life.
The workers’ enthusiasm and determination was contagious and I was struck by the force they put into their work, especially seen in the use of their hands and feet.
Scattered around the construction site, tools were mixed with the rubbish of the place, which, as it was being cleaned, gave way to cement, iron and concrete.
Hands holding iron giving shape to concrete together with feet dipped in cement, hammers, shovels and sand sieves, make up this collection, which seeks to tell a little bit of the harsh reality, but full of hope, of populations unassisted by public authorities, which eventually find grace with those who still care about the needs of others.
Parallel to this factual vision, I also seek to reflect on the dimension in the act of building ourselves as better human beings. Reflect on our attitudes in the face of the challenges that life presents us and how we deal with frustrations along the way.
The Detail of Strength goes far beyond images and seeks to rescue in us the ability to dream of the human potential to transform the environment around us, in the hope that one day we can live side by side as in a truly inclusive and fair Global Village in all senses.

The Strength Detail (Foundation)

A city called wonderful

The collection “A city called wonderfull” was born as a proposal to rethink the title of the wonderful city that was and continues to be sung in verse and prose.
Review the main tourist attractions and also their social contrasts from a closer look.
Observe details and angles that we normally don’t see and discover the wonder behind every little piece, street, square, architecture, landscape and corner.
“A city called wonderfull” also seeks to demonstrate that every place has a little bit of wonder and not so much when we are willing to look and perceive the reality around us.
I invite you to follow the construction of this collection with me and participate with your eyes and heart.

A city called wonderful (objkt)

One by one

This collection is composed of unique photographs with no commitment to narratives between them. However, they will have their own readings based on my main themes.
Contrasts, details, B&W, Analog, Nature, Architecture, macro among others, are themes that mix and at the same time are unique in their various construction possibilities. Aesthetics in this case is what will define the style and composition that will be listed in this collection.

One by one (objkt)

The Art Details

This collection is composed of b&w photographs exclusively made on analog equipment and photographic film, developed in the laboratory by a chemical process. Much of this material was conceived over more than 30 years of fieldwork with a camera being carried wherever I went.

Curious how we are surrounded by art on all sides and many times we don’t realize it. They are sculptures and architectural forms that sometimes go unnoticed by our quick and preoccupied eyes with the daily routine.

There were times when I didn’t leave the house without my camera, at the time exclusively loaded with some B&W or chrome film. Today our cell phones replace these devices, but, as I’m nostalgic, I can’t let go of some things from the past. Photographic film is one of them.

I collected many images mainly in analog B&W that I try to rescue here in this collection dedicated to looking at our “forgotten art”.

I hope that the dual feeling of pleasure and sadness that led me to compose these images will lead everyone who visualizes some contemplation reflection and rethinking the world around.

Good reading

The Art Details (Foudation)

lost childhood

We all have some memory of our childhood. Some good some not. How do we deal with these memories?

In this collection of unique work, I decided to bring one of my most impressive photo to the universe of digital collectibles. Impactful because it evokes contradictory feelings of joy and sadness, of pleasure and agony, of aesthetic beauty and disturbing bizarre contrast.

The toy in this photo was found thrown along an open dump mixed with the most diverse detritus of human activity. That alone would be enough to constitute something disturbing, but in addition the entire area was inhabited by a family with children playing in this unhealthy environment.

A toy burned in a hole burned in a tree trunk.

Lost childhood, lost ecology, and lost lives.

Lost childhood (Foudation)